#1251 Flash Bulb 28 Volt Bayonet Cyclone-Pinbot-High Speed +

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#1251 Bayonet base flash lamp.

This flash lamp runs on full solenoid voltage.

It is the same size and style as the very common #89 which is a 13 volt bulb.

Many Williams & Bally games from the early to late 80’s use this flash lamp.

The locations were marked with a sticky red/white paper indicating #1251, but most of these have long since dried up and fallen off.

The schematic &/or the solenoid table will usually tell you where they are located within the game.

If you put a #89 in a #2151 socket it will pop after about 10 flashes.

Some titles that require #1251’s are: Pin*Bot, Cyclone, Grand Lizard, High Speed

Offered here in a 10-Pack.

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