15,000uf @ 25 Volt Snap In Capacitor Newer Williams Bally Data East Sega

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15,000uf @ 25 volt “short” snap in capacitor.

This is a super replacement cap for the 5 found on the newer William / Bally Power driver boards.

Compared to the original, these replacements sit low to the board, so over time their own weight, and vibration, will not cause cold solder points.

Received product could vary from photo, but value will not.

This Site offers a larger packaged 15,000uf snap in cap for the older Bally & Stern driver boards.

Points to Note: When changing a Capacitor you can always sub in a “higher” voltage rating, but never lower.

Radial & Axial Meaning

Radial: Leads extend out from the same end.

Axial: One lead extends out of each end.

Additional information

Weight.02 kg
Dimensions3 × 3 × 2 cm


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