Black Knight 2000 Williams 1989 Backglass

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WOW! hang this on the wall, just for the shear artwork value!

“Translite to backglass” reproduction for the 1989 Williams Black Knight 2000 pin.

This looks best when lit with “cool white” LED bulbs, sometimes called “natural white”.

These date back to when CPR used the Silkscreened Ink application process. producing a much more vibrant color

I have 3 “Bronze” graded in stock, and they have been reduced. Each one has it’s own unique imperfection(s).

Such as, small scratch(s), small chip on the glass edge, small fisheye in the finish, and the like. Nothing that will detract of the overall appearance of the backglass.

Genuine tempered glass (not a translite). Genuine 12-color spot ink-silkscreened, and mirrored. Previous BK2000 glass reproductions have been unobtanium for many years, plus all those earlier attempts were missing the deep red halftone fades in the four corners. Finally done correctly after over 15 years! Beyond a replacement, perfect as a wall hanging in your gameroom, this glass is relevant all on its own. Polished corners and edges, ready for new trim and lift bar. Gorgeous replacement, finally get rid of that old chipped, cracked, or shedding original backglass.

Please Note: This is NOT a “reproduction backglass” – it is a completely “New” creation.
It is not meant to be compared to the original translite. Rather, it is meant to completely replace it.
This is our vision of what a “real” BK2000 backglass might have been, had the machine historically had one.
This is a genuine tempered-glass backglass, containing old school-silkscreened artwork taken from the translite,
with custom mirroring added. Since this is not a paper poster print, this silkscreened artwork on glass will
appear as shown below in this gallery – more dense and vivid inks – that will hold up when backlit.

This can be purchased ready to hang, in a custom polished aluminum frame, if your wanting it for the wall of your mancave:) (found under Gameroom Novelties)

Please Note: This item ships on it’s own.


Additional information

Weight6.5 kg
Dimensions78 × 60 × 13 cm

Regular, Slight Blemish(s)


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