Coil Sleeve Large Flipper Solenoid 2-3/16″ All Brands

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2-3/16″ x 1/2″ ID Standard coil sleeve.

Fits the larger 2-1/8″ flipper & other coils.

This is a very common coil sleeve used in all modern flipper, and general coil assemblies. This can be easily trimmed back to fit all 1-3/4″, or 1-5/8″ application, with a box cutter, or copper pipe cutter

Actually, it can be trimmed to fit any size down from 2-3/16″, just make sure you measure and mark correctly prior to cutting.

Williams / Bally: 03-7066-5

Data East / Sega: 545-5388-00 & 260-0003-00

Additional information

Weight.001 kg
Dimensions6 × .05 × .05 cm


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