Sleeve for Drop Target Reset Coil 2″ x 5/8″ OD Large Bore-Bally-Stern-Williams-NOS

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This is a New Old Stock (NOS) replacement for the big drop target bank reset coils; found on the older Bally / Stern, and Williams pins.

This measures 2″ long, all the newer aftermarket replacements are 2-3/8″.

I have never found these to be short, but I have found the aftermarkets sometimes require trimming, as they impede the plunger from a full swipe, and the drop targets don’t reset.

This is also used on many older EM games; many times it is made of brass, or aluminum; always a good idea to switch it out with this new plastic sleeve. 

This measures 2″ long, with 5/8″ outside diameter (OD), and a 9/16″ inside diameter (ID)

Replacement for:

Williams 03-7068

Bally / Midway  0017-00041-0673


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