750 in 1 Multicade Classic Arcade Blue Elf Horizontal Arcade PCB

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This 750 in 1 Multicade games system is primarily designed to used in a upright arcade cabinet.

It requires 1-joystick, and 6 buttons per player.

Therefore, the control panel, with start buttons, in total requires 2-joystick, and 14 buttons. (see photo gallery)

80% of the games in this system are of the 2-player simultaneous variety, meaning 2-players can play against each other at the same time, or 1-player against the computer.

There is a percentage of older 1-player games in the system, which requiring the players to alternate; titles such as “Galaga & Space Invaders” as examples.

The edge connector is a standard 56-pin JAMMA requiring both +5 & +12 VDC to operate.

It will run on a classic CRT tube monitor, or a new light weight flat screen LCD VGA, which plugs directly into the board.

Advise what type of monitor you are using and I will set the board up in advance.

For anyone wondering if you can unplug your dead Pac-man, or Miss Pac-man board, plug this in, and be back in business–Well it is not that simple–Don’t do it!

You need to convert your cabinet wiring harness over to a JAMMA.

I do offer a more complete kit which includes the wiring harness, power supply, joysticks, and buttons.

Note: All boards video recorded, (showing serial number) operational, prior to shipping.

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