Arcade Classics 60-in-1 Home Classicade Multicade

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This includes all the huge arcade hits form the late 1970’s to early 1980’s.

The only original components in either format is the wooden cabinet structure, and the coin door; all other components are new.

The new parts are: 23″ LCD monitor, cabinet pull out drawer assembly, wooden control panel (upright) metal control panels (tabletop) tempered top glass, (tabletop) header-monitor-control panel artwork, lexan cover’s on header-monitor-control panel, game board power supply, wiring harness, joystick, trackball (on upright only), buttons & switches, cabinet leg levelers.

Unlike most other cabinets, ours are quite unique, as the sides and front are covered with a counter top formica finish; they do not have 10 coats of paint, and partial game decals; they look fresh and new. In the rebuild process they were stripped bare, and cleaned inside and out, as many old arcade game cabinets can smell like smoke, grease, or a nasty combination. While stripped, metal bracket reinforcements are added to the end, and side joints.

Another very distinct feature is no backdoor. That’s right, you never have to pull it out from the wall, all components are accessible from the front. As you look at the attached photo’s you will see a few showing the open control panel; this is actually a “works in a drawer” system. You could purchase this 60-in-1 today, and at any point in the future you want to add more games, all you have to purchase is another drawer, as it contains everything. This saves you from the expense of purchasing another complete cabinet; and many people just don’t have the space.

Changing the drawer is super simple. Turn the power off, disconnect 3 connectors, set it aside. Now, if you just removed the 60-in-1 drawer your LCD monitor is mounted vertically. Let’s say your now wanting to install the 309-in-1, these are 2-player horizontal games, so your monitor will need to turned to the horizontal position. This too is very simple. Remove the lexan cover, along with the graphics, the monitor is reveled. There are 2 decals on the board it’s mounted too, one reads “vertical top”, and the other “horizontal top”. At the top left & right corner of the monitor mounting board there is a screw, remove them, pull the monitor forward to yourself, lift up, pull out, give it a 1/4 turn, and replace. Now put the 2 screws back into the pre-drilled holes. Slide the new drawer into place, hook up the 3 connectors, power the unit on, and it’s a whole new game system.

I stock this cabinet in 3-4 different colors, and the drawer / control panel assembly is painted any color you choose. For additional fees, custom formica or wraps can be added to the upright; on the tabletop the metal can be custom powercoated, and the cabinet body wrapped in any color.

This game ships on Free Play, but since it has a functional coin door it can be put on location as a revenue earner. If this is your intent I recommend you purchase from me dollar coin mechs, and forget about accepting quarters. Two or Three games for a dollar, with the games set to 4-lives works well.

001. Ms. Pacman
002. Galaga
003. Frogger
004. Donkey Kong
005. Donkey Kong Junior
006. Donkey Kong 3
007. Galaxian
008. Dig Dug
009. Crush
010. Mr. Do
011. Space Invaders
012. Pacman
013. Galaga3
014. Gyruss
015. Tank battalion
016. Ladybug
017. Millipede
018. Burger Time
019. Jr. Pacman
020. Mappy
021. Pengo
022. 1942
023. Centipede
024. Phoenix
025. Time Pilot
026. Super Cobra
027. Hustler
028. Space Panic
029. Super Breakout
030. New Rally X
031. Arkanoid
032. Qix
033. Juno First
034. Xevious
035. Mr. Do’s Castle
036. Moon Cresta
037. Pinball Action
038. Scramble
039. Super Pacman
040. Bomb Jack
041. Shao-Lin’s Road
042. King & Ballon
043. 1943
044. Van-Van Car
045. Pac-Man Plus
046. Dig Dug 2
047. Amidar
048. Zaxxon
049. Pooyan
050. Pleiads
051. Gun Smoke
052. The End
053. 1943
054. Congo Bongo
055. Jumping Jack
056. Ms. Pac-Man (Fast Mode)
057. Pac-Man (Fast Mode)
058. Galaga (Rapid Fire Mode)
059. Jr. Pac-Man (Fast Mode)
060. Pac-Man Plus (Fast Mode)

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