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Like the 60-in-1, the only original component is the wooden cabinet, and coin door, all other components are sourced, and/or manufactured new.

These “Plateau angle system” cabinets are a throwback from my days as an operator.

I reinforce all their dowel joints with L-brackets and carriage bolts.

The unique feature here is, no rear access panel, every feature can be accessed from the front, should service ever be required.

The control panel is truly a “works in a drawer” system. It contains the game board, power supply, wiring harness, as well as two joysticks, and 14 buttons (6-per player + 2 start).

The monitor is changed out to a new LED, greatly reducing the weight of the entire machine, improving reliability, and safety, as the old Arcade CRT’S produce 30,000 volts.

The front and sides of the cabinet are finished in a countertop Formica, not paint, so it’s easy to keep clean, and won’t scratch.

The coin door is real, and active, but all machines are sent out on Free Play, so it’s really just a hold over from a bygone era; but adds authenticity.

The games date range from the early to mid 1980’s, and into the mid 1990’s.

The vast majority are 2-player simultaneous, meaning 2-payers against each other, or both battling the computer; but the can all be played in a 1-player format as well.

There is also older classics on here as well. See the list below.

List of 750 games

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