Bally Midway Tabletop Arcade 11″ Pac-Man Control Panel Set New

$199.98 CAD


New set of replacement 11″ control panels for a Bally / Midway tabletop / cocktail arcade machine.

I have produced these, as I was tired of trying to re-work 30-40 year old control panels that had been altered 3-4 times, as new kits were installed.

Now not all “Bally /Midway” tables had the same control panel, but this 11″ design was the most common on  “Pac-Man”, measurements are provided below, make sure it fits your table.

The profile photo should help confirm, if it will fit your tabletop.

11″ wide, with the riser (front flat face) being 4″ tall.

Made with steel, and all holes cnc cut with precision water jets.

3-action button holes on both the left and right of the joystick allow for the most popular vertical game boards (60 in 1 & 419 in 1) to be played correctly

Action button holes are the standard 1-1/8″.

Joystick center hole is standard 1-1/4″.

Joystick mounting holes are 3″ x 2-5/8″ on center.

Player 1 & 2 start button holes (found on player-1 panel only) measure 1/4″ and a mini standard “mode ” momentary (as pictured) push button fits perfectly.

All buttons and joystick required for panel build out can be found, and purchased on this site.

As pictured, all edge holes are cut for both cabinet, and hardware mounting.

Joystick and buttons are not included, but can be purchased on this site.

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Micro Metallic Candy Apple Red, Micro Metallic Sky Blue


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