Left Flipper Base Plate Assembly Williams 81-99 Bally 88-99

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Here is the Left main base mounting plate for the flipper assembly on Williams / Bally

Williams-Fire Power to the end.

Bally-Truckstop to the end.

Williams: B-13104-L

Most common requirement for replacing is:

  1. Stripped coil stop threads.
  2. Fatigue cracks

These can also be used on Williams 1977-80 era (Hot Tip–Laser Ball) that have the “straight” flipper system without a baseplate, BUT only if you have enough room under the playfield to mount the plate.(see photo gallery) You need to add all modern Williams parts to this base, and also have to change to a larger coil.

They can, and should be used as a direct replacement for the one piece base plate (C-8230-L/R & C-8270-L/R series without a detaching coil stop) found on Williams from 1980-84 starting with Firepower to Laser Cue.

Changing over to this new C-11626-L/R Flipper Series base plate make future flipper rebuilds so much easier.

Don’t forget to order the switch bracket, if your old base plate has a un-removable spot welded unit.

Additional information

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