Black Knight 2000 Framed Backglass 1989 Williams

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Here is the same Black Knight 2000 backglass as found in “Parts”, only it has had a custom made, chromed aluminum frame added.

WOW! hang this on the wall, just for the shear artwork value!

“Translite to backglass” reproduction for the 1989 Williams Black Knight 2000 pin.

I have 4 graded “Bronze” in stock, and they are the ones that will end up sold in frames for wall hangings.

The each have a blemish or two such as, small scratch(s), small chip on the class edge, small fisheye in the finish, and the like. Nothing that will detract of the overall appearance of the backglass.

Framed the measure 27-1/4″ x 19-1/8″.

Please Note: This is NOT a “reproduction backglass” – it is a completely “New” creation.
It is not meant to be compared to the original translite. Rather, it is meant to completely replace it.
This is our vision of what a “real” Pin*Bot backglass might have been, had the machine historically had one.
This is a genuine tempered-glass backglass, containing old school-silkscreened artwork taken from the translite,
with custom mirroring added. Since this is not a paper poster print, this silkscreened artwork on glass will
appear as shown below in this gallery – more dense and vivid inks – that will hold up when backlit.

Note: This item ships on it’s own, no other product in the box.



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Weight7.5 kg
Dimensions78 × 60 × 13 cm


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