Coil A-25-1000 Bally Midway Early Stern General Purpose 7.1 Ohm-NOS

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This is an unbranded generic replacement for the Bally/Midway Coil, of same value.

Length is 1-1/2″.

Comes with a new coil sleeve.

Measures 7.1 Ohms, +/- 5%

If the physical size is the same, this can be used to replace the following: A-25/950 & A-25/1050

This coil was used in many older EM applications, but can be used on Solid State, just add a diode.

No diode attached, but it can be purchased under “electronic parts”.

Additional information

Weight.10 kg
Dimensions4 × 3 × 2.5 cm


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