Dancing Crash Test Dummy for Party Zone Complete Body with Mount Bracket A-14803

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Ok, so just to be clear, this is not an exact replica of the original.

It was produced because 3 of us here had the same issue, either the Dummy and/or plunger rod were missing.

It was run in a very limited quantity, and will not be run again.

We made a few extra to account for fit and finish breakage &/or errors.

So, if you want one, have examined the photos, and can live with our version of the Crash Test Dummy; better grab it now!

The differences are as follows:

The arms and legs have zero artwork, and the material thickness around the holes has been widened.
No pivot pins, springrip fasteners, or rivits have been used; rather machine bolts and nuts, with blue locktite.
The body cavity (white) and the mount bracket (grey) are no longer made from metal.
The upper leg (01-10290) is not original, but rather a modified part from a EM switch stack.
The body (yellow) has no decals, or paint highlights.

He shakes, and shimmies as he should, and has been play tested in a home environment for a combined 5-months. We did experience the odd nut work loose, but just added more locktite, and they have stayed put.

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