Dancing Crash Test Dummy for Party Zone Complete Body with Plunger Bell Armature

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Ok, so just to be clear, this is not an exact replica of the original.

It was produced because 3 of us here had the same issue, either the Dummy and/or plunger rod were missing.

It was run in a very limited quantity, and will not be done again.

So, if you want one, have examined the photos, and can live with our version of the Crash Test Dummy; better grab it now!

Note: Color of push rod and mount bracket may vary!

The differences are as follows:

The arms and legs have zero artwork, and the material thickness around the holes has been widened.
No pivot pins, or springrip fasteners have been used; rather machine bolts and nuts, with blue locktite.
The body cavity (white) and the mount bracket (grey) are no longer made from metal.
The upper leg (01-10290) is not original, but rather a modified part from a EM switch stack.
The body (yellow) has no decals, or paint highlights.
The push rod (A-14882) which consists of a bell armature and custom through playfield rod has been completely redesigned, end result, only the base is metal, as required for the solenoid pulse.

He shakes, and shimmies as he should, and has been play tested in a home environment for a combined 5-months. We did experience the odd nut work loose, but just added more locktite, and they have stayed put.

If you purchase this version with the Push Rod (A-14882) included YOU WILL HAVE TO MODIFIY THE SOLENOID ASSEMBLY MOUNTING BRACKET (PART 01-10365) in order to accommodate the thicker push rod. (see Photo Gallery)

You will have to widen the “u” shaped opening with either a file, or zip saw, slightly (about 3/16″)

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