Data East Power Supply Rebuild Capacitor Kit

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Is your display blanking out? Game resetting?

This kit contains 13 capacitors that should be changed in order to help solve power supply issues.

Your early Data East P/S may have a large 18,000uf 25 Volt axial cap, once it’s removed, you will see that there are holes allowing for 4-4700uf caps to be inserted in it’s place.

4700uf @ 25v  (x4)

100uf @ 200v (x2)

22uf @ 25v (x2)

150uf @ 100v

1000uf @ 25v

100uf @ 25v

330uf @ 25v

47uf @ 63v


Additional information

Weight.09 kg
Dimensions14 × 5 × 5 cm


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