Elvira and the Party Monsters Backglass 1989 Bally-Budget Version

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Wow! Incredible detail, just a super backglass.

This is the CPR “Budget Version”, so no real mirror highlights. Rather, a silver/grey tone was used, which looks very good.

Genuine tempered glass (not a translite). Offered in a Budget non-mirrored version with faux mirror, or Plain version with no faux mirror details at all, for the budget conscious restorer.

About BUDGET & FULL Versions:

Budget versions have mirroring replaced with faux mirror texturing, saving the cost of mirroring processes, and allowing a lower-priced alternative version for the budget-conscious restorer. Budget versions are otherwise normal, still including their rear white layering, and lightblock layering (for Tilt, Ball In Play, Match, etc) when applicable.

Additional information

Weight7.5 kg
Dimensions80 × 60 × 13 cm


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