Flash Pinball – Williams 1979 Serial #356728

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Flash pinball, produced by Williams in 1979.

Serial #356728

This was the first pinball to have momentary flash lamps, hence the name.

It also was the first to offer constant back round sound during gameplay.

It was Steve Ritchie’s first Williams game, after leaving Atari.

A fast game; a true piece of pinball history here.

There are two asking prices on this pin.

The first (lowest) is for it in “As-Is” condition, for all the do it yourself restorers.

The highest asking price is based on the pin being refurbished to “Collectors Quality” condition.

The photos in the gallery at present, show the pin in it’s current condition.

Major work that will be done on this unit, as follows:

Cabinet will be stripped, and sanded down to wood. All body repairs will be completed, then unit will be primed, and block sanded with 1000 grit.

The base coat will then be applied. Once dry, each secondary color will be applied. I will use a “Pinball Pimp” stencil set. Then, the finished product will receive 4 layers of “acrylic enamel” clear coat; which provides a wet shine look, and really makes the colors pop! It’s also offers fantastic protection against light scratches.

All the cabinet metal will be sandblasted, and powder coated; I’m thinking a micro metallic candy grey, or dark blue, but if your ordering, choose your own color.

The playfield will be stripped bare, and have the old scratched, and yellowing Mylar removed. A few minor paint touch-up, and then 4 coats of 2-part automotive clear applied.

All the electronics will be updated, and many old connectors, and capacitors changed, so the unit is reliable.

All playfield metal parts, such as posts, will be polished in a tumbler with a special medium, for over 1 week; end result, they will look new.

All mechanical components will be disassembled, cleaned, and rebuilt to original specifications.

The flipper assemblies will be upgraded to the modern Williams style.

The player score displays will be changed to the new LED type, eliminating the high voltage generation circuit; greatly increasing reliability.

All #47 & #555 bulbs will be changed to color matching 2-SMD frosted, high intensity Comet brand. All back box bulbs will usually be cool AKA natural white. Likewise, most all playfield General Illumination (GI) will also be Cool White. Unlike Warm White, which has a red hue, cool white is pure white, and will illuminate the playfield much better.

A new sheet of tempered playfield glass will be installed.

The backglass and playfield plastics will be replaced with a new CPR product.

Basically, everything you read about under “The Restoration Process”, which is broken into 3 parts (Board Sets-Playfield-Cabinet) will be done to this pin.

Notable Features: Flippers (3), Pop bumpers (3), Slingshots (2), 5-bank drop targets (1), 3-bank drop targets (1), Stand-up targets (2), Spinning target (1), Kick-out hole (1), Star rollovers (5). Ball shot into play crosses the playfield to get to the top. Flash Lamps under playfield.

Production: 19,505 units

Player Reviews Here: ipdb

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