Flipper Return Lane Metal Ball Guide Frame set-Williams-Bally-Data East

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Stainless Steel Flipper return lane ball Guide Frames.

These are found on many Williams-Data East, and some Bally games.

The leading edge, just behind the flipper is usually destroyed (mashed) due to decades of ball hits.(see Photo Gallery)

This Mashing allows the ball to stall, or bounce, (depends on the speed) as it rolls off the guide, and onto the flipper.

Williams: 8108-R & 8108-L

Used on: Blackout, Black Knight, Jungle Lord, Pharaoh, Solar Fire, Cyclone, Flash Grand Lizard, High Speed, Firepower (right side only) and many more.

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Weight.53 kg
Dimensions14 × 4 × .04 cm


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