Fluorescent Lamp Ballast for Pinball & Arcade Machines-New

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Here is a thermally protected fluorescent lamp ballast.

This is a perfect replacement for all older Pinball & Arcade Games ballasts.

If you have changed your fluorescent tube, and starter, and you lamp still won’t glow, or it goes Super Nova (burns out) as soon as the machine is powered, then the ballast is you culprit (providing your wiring is all hooked up)

These use to last 20-25 years.

In the newer pins I’m finding 4-8 years max.

Mounting holes measure 2-3/4″ on center.

Can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

Check the photo gallery to see placement examples.

Additional information

Weight.298 kg
Dimensions9 × 6 × 5 cm


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