Gottlieb Futaba Original 4-Digit Ball Match Credit Display

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Want to keep the game original?

Offered here is a original 4-digit Gottlieb Futaba Credit / Match / Ball in Play

Never plug/unplug a display with the power on!

Gottlieb chose to use a Vacuum Fluorescent display system, unlike the Plasma used on most other brands.

This was a good choice for longevity.

These samples offered, are crisp and bright.

For your original 4-digit display to work your power supply must be putting out 43 & 4 VDC  + 3 VAC, this is different from the power requirements for the 6-digit player displays; that’s why this one may quit, and not the others, leading one to think it’s gone bad.

But, first make sure it’s getting proper power! OK-ok

Unit received may vary from that pictured.

Additional information

Weight.07 kg
Dimensions15 × 9 × 4 cm


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