Kasco Indy 500 EM Arcade Driver Project 1969 Kansei Seiki Seisakusho

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Here is a very unique 1969 Kansei Seiki Seisakusho (Kasco) EM driver called “Indy-500”

This is offered here as is, as a project, (or maybe you need the parts to keep other old Kasco’s alive) and I’m hoping someone out there wants to take it on, and keep it’s history alive.

Both side panel access panels are missing.

There is also what I believe to be the power input distribution housing missing.

The secenery that was glued onto the master disc is off, and not complete, but NOS can be sourced at John’s Juke’s here in Canada.

The timer displays are old style nixi tubes, very cool.

The crash sounds are generated with a plunger hitting a suspended, tensioned thin piece of tin, ingenious!

Shipping with Western Canada is $275 to terminal for pickup.

Ont & QC $350 (same terms)

East of Quebec $400 (same terms)

To any point in USA $650 which includes palleting , and brokerage fees (USA duties and taxes not covered)

Note: The last 2 pictures in the the photo gallery which shoe the unit working are not mine, they we pulled from another site and used for demonstration purpose only. The machine offered here is incomplete, and not working.

Here is a link to a very comprehensive story on the company’s history.

Kasco and the Electro-Mechanical Golden Age

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Weight170 kg
Dimensions90 × 70 × 195 cm


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