Lamp Socket Snap In IDC Connections Diode Wedge 555 906-Sega-Stern

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Used extensively on Sega, and early new Stern under the playfield.

These turned brittle, and would break easy, due to the heat generated from the older style incandescent bulbs.

Diode is installed, but can be removed, if required.

Can also be used as replacement for obsolete sockets in late-model Bally/Williams games, replacing Bally/Williams part #s 24-8861, 22-2162, and 22-2162-1. Requires removal of diode from back of socket for use in Bally/Williams games, and repositioning of 1 wire on back IDC (press-in) terminals. Or installation of a jumper in place of diode without repositioning any wires.

Sega: 077-5216-00

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