LED 16-Digit x2 Row Alphanumeric Williams Wolffpac 12232-1

$359.98 CAD

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Orange LED 2-row, 16-digit alphanumeric replacement player score display board.

Perfect drop in replacement for the old burnt plasma display system.

Remember to pull the 1/4 or 1/2 amp fuse from your high voltage generating section, as it will no longer need to operate.

In the photos, protective coating is still on the displays.

Offered in original orange only.

You will have to apply the supplied peel and stick foam.

This unit is a fit for the following games:

Williams: Bad Cats, Black Knight 2000, Diner, Earthshaker, Jokerz, Rollergames, Whirlwind

Wolffpac offers a different unit for equivalent Data East displays.

I have a xpin variation of this model in stock if you need a fit for Data East.

Additional information

Weight.40 kg
Dimensions36 × 16 × 4 cm


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