Auxiliary Lamp Driver Board LED Adapter Kit for AS-2518-43 Bally Siegecraft

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Updating your classic early electronic Bally or Stern to LED bulbs?

To prevent the LED’S from flickering & ghosting you have had to replace the complete board with a Alltek (or similar) lamp driver PCB. (available on this site) well not anymore!

If your game has an auxiliary lamp driver (Kiss, Future Spa) it also needs replacing.

But, if they are working fine, no need to replace, now this simple upgrade will end the LED flicker (ghosting) issue.

Just plug this adaptor into the PCB, and the plug your line back into it, hook up the supplied power line, and your in business, no tools required.

Kits are also available here for the main Bally or Stern lamp driver PCB’s

Used in: Black Pyramid, Centaur (& 2), Future Spa, Kings of Steel, Kiss, Spy Hunter, X’s & O’s

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