LED Bally Midway System 6803 2-Piece 7-Digit Alphanumeric Display Set

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Here is a fully built original orange LED display set that fits the Bally/Midway 6803 System.

This is a 2-piece display system, with each side displaying two 7-digit player scores.

Protective coating are still on, please remove before installing.

Anti scratch foam included, you will have to apply it.

All product tested fully operational prior to shipping.

Remember to remove the 3/4 amp HV supply fuse on the power supply board, (see Photo Gallery) as this section is no longer needed.

Both sides must be changed! You cannot run 1 plasma. and 1 LED, change both.

This set fits the following games:


Beat the Clock

Black Belt


City Slicker

Dungeons and Dragons

Escape From the Lost World


Heavy Metal Meltdown


Party Animal

Special Force

Strange Science

Truck Stop

Additional information

Weight.45 kg
Dimensions33 × 10 × 4 cm


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