Leg Bolt Receiver Plate Twin Tee T Nut-Bally-Williams-Stern-Data East-Sega

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Leg bolt receiver plate, as found inside the cabinet body.

Many of these are stripped, twisted, or outright missing.

Measures 3-1/4″ long x 3/4″ wide.

Bolt receiving holes center to center are 2-1/4″

These are new, but you may receive some that look used, they are not.

These become real hot during the manufacturing process, and are cooled, with a coolant.

The wrong coolant was used, and it discolored the metal, so some look rusty, but they can be painted, just clean them first with a degreaser, or Naphtha.

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Weight.03 kg
Dimensions9 × 2 × 1 cm


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