New Bally Stern Cocktail Cabinet Arcade Game Bezel Art Laminated

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Here is new artwork that will fit all standard (32″ x 22″) Bally Midway, and Stern tabletop cabinet arcade games.

I see many of these for sale, but they are all pre-cut for a specific monitor size.

If your installing a new computer LED monitor, well the pre-cuts just won’t work.

With this you can mount your monitor, measure in, and mark from the edge to the monitor frame at both sides, and ends.

Once cut it’s a perfect fit for your monitor.

The piece is laminated, to provide structure.

“Z” frame Monitor mounting brackets pictured available too.

Follow the picture tutorial found in the “photo gallery” to see sizing procedure.

Additional information

Weight.50 kg
Dimensions70 × 15 × 15 cm


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