Pinball 1-1/16″ Standard Size Hardened Chrome Steel-Polished

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1-1/16″ Standard sized pinball which has been in use on all brands of pins from 1950’s to present.

The ball(s) should be changed if it has ever fallen out onto a concrete floor.

Likewise,if it has been allowed to hit a metal edge in the playfield for any length of time; due to a broken part, or missing rubber.

New pinballs come with a oily production film, BUT, these have been cleaned, and run through a tumbler / polisher for 4-days for a extra bright gleam.

A damaged pinball acts like sandpaper.

Bally: M-168-26

Data East / Sega / Stern: 260-5000-00

Williams: 20-6500

Gottlieb: 21864

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Dimensions3 × 3 × 1 cm


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