Pop Bumper Assembly Main Mounting Bracket Williams Bally Sega New Stern-Reinforced-Used

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Here is a slightly Used main Pop Bumper assembly mounting bracket.

Notice that this one has the curved reinforcement on the coil stop, usually only seen on factory games, not aftermarket brackets.

This will fit Bally solid state up to, and including 1981 Flash Gordon, then not again until 1991 Party Zone, through to the end of production.

It also fits Williams from about 1966 to the end of production.

Fits Sega from Apollo-13 onward.

This will not work for Gottlieb, Data East, Old Stern, or Bally from 1981-1991.

Bally: A613-114

Williams: 04-10888

Sega-New Stern: 515-5939-00

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Weight.10 kg
Dimensions9 × 3 × 2 cm


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