Pop Bumper Skirt-Standard 6 Hole-Red White Green Orange Blue Yellow

$2.98 CAD


These 6-hole pop bumper skirts are the most common used today.

Thy will fit all brands of live pop bumpers.

These are marked with Gottlieb part number C-10433, but, by no means is it Gottlieb specific.

Since these are Gottlieb, they have the small point on the leading edge; if this bothers you it’s very easy to trim off with a box cutter, or xacto blade.

The “flat red”, and “green” are old stock from the early 80’s.

They are a direct replacement for the following:

Data East / Stern / Sega: 545-5098-00 & 545-5607-00

Williams / Bally: 03-6035-5

Bally: C-790-15

Additional information

Weight.01 kg
Dimensions7 × 7 × 5 cm

Blue, Flat Red, Gloss Red, Green, Orange, White, Yellow


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