Pop Bumper Skirt–Standard 6 hole-White Blue Yellow-Used-Discounted

$1.00 CAD


These have been washed, and are useable, I culled any with chips or cracks. Some of the older ones will show a slight yellowing. I will send the best examples out first, and as the numbers drop, so will the color quality.

Check the photo gallery.

The 6-hole pop bumper skirt is the most common used today.

These will fit all brands of live pop bumpers.

These are of pins that have undergone restoration. The were switched out as they no longer matched the pure white color of the new pop bumper body.

They still have lots of life left.

It is a direct replacement for the following:

Data East / Stern / Sega 545-5098-00 & 545-5607-00 

Williams / Bally 03-6035-5

Bally C-790-15

Additional information

Weight.01 kg
Dimensions6 × 5 × 4 cm

Blue, Red, White, Yellow


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