Replacement NMP Sensor Drop Target Board Williams System 3-6A

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Here is a all in one replacement drop target sensor board for the 17 notorious Williams System 3-6A titles that have the finicky Horseshoe slide drop register system.

This new NMP board(s) used a magnetic sensor to record the targets drop.

No more dirty contacts, bent or broken horseshoe points, just reliability!

If your going to add this system I would suggest to fully remove, disassemble, and clean your existing drop target assemblies.

The magnet(s) are included, and glue into the molded cup on the back of the drop target. (see gallery)

Instructions with game specific wiring diagrams are included.

These fit the following Solid State titles, in order of production:

Hot Tip           1977     (2x-3DT PCB)

Lucky Seven  1978     (1x-single GRN, 1x-single RED)

Contact           1978     (1x-4DT PCB)

Disco Fever    1978     (1x -3DT PCB, 2x-single GRN)

Phoenix           1978    (2x-4DT PCB, 2x-single GRN)

Flash                1979    (1x-5DT PCB, 1x-3DT PCB)

Stellar Wars   1979     (1x-4DT PCB, 2x-3DT PCB)

Tri-Zone         1979     (3x-single GRN, 1x-single RED)

Time Warp    1979     (1x-5DT PCB, 1x-3DT PCB)

Gorgar            1979     (2x-3DT PCB)

Laser Ball       1979     (1x-4DT PCB, 1x-3DT PCB, 2x-single GRN)

Firepower      1980     (2x-3DT PCB)

Blackout        1980      (2x-3DT PCB)

Scorpion        1980      (1x-5DT PCB, 2x-3DT PCB)

Algar              1980      (2x-3DT PCB)

Alien Poker   1980      (1x-5DT PCB)

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Single GRN, Single RED, 3DT PCB, 4DT PCB, 5DT PCB


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