Resistor 330 Ohm 7 Watt Flameproof Axial William Bally for Flash Lamp PCB

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7 Watt, 330 Ohm Flameproof Axial Resistor.

This is an exact match for the Resistor used on under playfield mounted Flasher Lamp board seen on many Williams / Bally pins. (see photo gallery)

Seen extensively on early 80’s to early late 90’s Williams games.(see photo gallery)

Almost always some have fallen off, due to vibration.

This resistor is critical for your flashlamps to work, as it lowers the solenoid voltage, to a range the lamp can handle.

A questions that comes up from time to time is what does axial or radial leaded mean? This is calling out how the leads comes out of the component.

Axial leaded components will have a lead or multiple leads coming out of each end of the component.

Radial which many people think is the shape of the component is actually calling out that the leads are coming out the same side of the component

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