Sleeve Coil SS EM Bally Gottlieb 1-5/8″

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This length of coil sleeve (1-5/8″) to (1-3/4″) is used on Gottlieb,  & Bally EM.

It also carries over into the Solid State Era, for both brands; on most coils, except where a “flanged” sleeve, or DT bank is called for.

It does stop being used as a flipper coil sleeve, as follow:

Bally up to 1988 Truck Stop.

Gottlieb 1989 Big House.

Any titles after that date require the 2-3/16″ flipper coil sleeve.

In any case, if this shows out of stock, you can always purchase the 2-3/6″, and trim it back.

Gottlieb: A-5064


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