Sleeve Coil Williams Stern Chicago Coin 1-3/4″ SS + EM

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Early Williams, Stern, and Chicago Coin standard 1-3/4″ coil sleeve.

This was used during the EM days, up to the end of production; in all standard 1-1/2″ coils except DT resets, and anywhere a “flanged” sleeve is required.

For Williams this was used in the smaller 1-1/2″ flipper coils, up to, I believe 1979 Laser Ball.

Williams changed over to the larger 2-1/8″ flipper coil in 1979 which requires the 2-3/16″ sleeve.

It was used in Early Stern up to the end of Orbitor.

In any case, if in doubt you can always purchase the 2-3/16″ coil sleeve and trim it back to fit your particular application.

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