Flipper Plunger with Tapered Link 2-1/4″ Williams Bally Data East Sega

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Standard 2-1/4″ solenoid plunger with tapered link.

Can be used on Williams from Firepower, and up to, and including Bram Stokers Dracula.

Found on Bally starting on Truckstop (lower flippers only), up to, and including Twilight Zone.

Data East, & Sega from Laser War, up to, and including Baywatch.

This is the “only” style of link that should be use on the above Data East, Williams & Bally if you want to avoid possible “Flipper Chatter” on the hold side; and you are using the original coil stop.

Early Data East had a “Hour Glass” shaped link, which I have in stock if you want original; but, this link works the same.

In order to achieve proper flipper rotation, the following applies!

This plunger/link unit should be used in conjunction with coil stop A-12111 for Williams (Firepower to Bram Stokers Dracula); Bally (Truckstop to Twilight Zone).

This plunger/link unit should be used in conjunction with coil stop 515-5346-00 for Data East / Sega from Laser War up to, and including Baywatch.

Note: Link color may vary.

Williams: A-10656

Data East Plunger: 535-5066-00

Williams / Bally Plunger: 02-4219

Data East Link: 545-5401-00 (Original hour glass shape-this is a sub)

Williams / Bally Link: 03-8050-1

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Dimensions8 × .05 × .05 cm


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