Special Force Pinball – Bally / Midway 1986

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Special Force by Bally / Midway 1986

There is two asking prices on the, the first(lowest) is for “as is” condition, as pictured.

The second asking price is based on the pin being refurbished to “High End Player Quality” condition.

The photos in the gallery, at present, show the pin in it’s current condition.

Special Mention: The cabinet is 100% particle board, so it’s heaver than your average pin.

Major work that will be done on this unit as follows:

As described in the “Restoration Process” on this site; this pin will receive all three steps. Those being a complete board-set, playfield, and cabinet restoration.

The cabinet, will be sanded down, body work done, and a custom made, themed decal package installed.

All the metal will be sandblasted, and powder coated, I was thinking of using a flat olive green, but if your ordering the pin, choose your own color.

The playfield will be stripped bare, topside and underside. The old faded, and scratched Mylar coating will be removed, and small finish touch-ups done. Once completed, it will receive four coats of 2-part automotive clear coat.

One area that will be very difficult to fix is down by the flippers. Examine the photos, the white, and light blue will not be touched up, only the black lettering.

All the electronics will be updated, and many old connectors, and capacitors changed, so the unit is reliable. Since this is a Bally I will add my custom remote mount 3 bridge rectifier board, next to the power supply. If one fails in the future it makes for a easy fix, no soldering required.

All playfield metal posts, and such, will be polished in a tumbler with a special medium, for over 1 week; end result, they will look new.

All mechanical components will be disassembled, cleaned, and rebuilt to original specifications.

The player score displays will be changed out to the new LED type, eliminating the need for the power supply high voltage section; greatly increasing system reliability.

All #47 & #555 bulbs will be changed to color matching 2-SMD frosted, high intensity Comet brand. All back box bulbs will usually be cool AKA natural white. Likewise, most all playfield General Illumination (GI) will also be Cool White. Unlike Warm White, which has a red hue, cool white is pure white, and will illuminate the playfield much better.

The backglass will be cleaned, and sprayed with clear, to keep it in it’s current excellent condition.

All the cabinet T-molding will be changed to a complementary color.

Production: 2,750 units
Notable Features: Flippers (2), Pop bumpers (3), Drop targets (3-in line, and two solo ones), 3-ball multiball. Ball in helicopter whirlpool simulates circular action accompanied by sound of helicopter blades.

Player Reviews Here: ipdb

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All pricing is subject to change, due to exchange rate fluctuations.

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Weight180 kg
Dimensions110 × 110 × 154 cm

As Is, Restored


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