Flipper Switch End of Stroke Gottlieb 76-87+ & Bally Linear 80-88

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Flipper High Current End of Stroke (EOS) switch used on the Bally Linear flipper assemblies.

Used from 1980 Rolling Stones to 1988 Truck Stop (upper flippers only)

NOTE: For proper fit in a Bally linear remove the last stack wafer (closest to switch mount bracket), then trim off the excess machine screw isolator tubes, flush with the wafer stack.

These are a exact fit for Gottlieb from 1976 Surf Champ to 1987 Spring Break.

They are used on later Gottlieb’s too, up to the end of production, usually within an assembly, but you can solder the capacitor leads directly to the main solder lugs.

2-1/4″ long from edge of stack, to end of blade. (solder lugs excluded)

Gottlieb: B-16363

Bally: ASW-A20-34 (this is a sub, slight mod needed, noted above)

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