Switch Flipper EOS Low Current Straight Data East Sega New Stern

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Flipper End of Stroke (EOS) switch, with straight long blade.

This is a Normally Closed (N/C) “Low Current” EOS switch.

Found on the following brands:

Data East: (1993-94) Jurassic Park to Tommy

Sega: (1995-99) Batman Forever to Harley Davidson

New Stern-All

Data East / Sega / Stern: 180-5149-00

The EOS switch is used to tell the computer when the flipper has pulled in all the way, which in turn then controls the current/power to the flipper coils.

A broken EOS switch will cause weak, overheating, or malfunctioning flippers. For use on electronic (computer-controlled) flippers only.

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