Switch Flipper End of Stroke N/C with Bend Low Current Data East Sega 93-95

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Flipper End of Stroke (EOS) switch, with slight bend.

This is a Normally Closed (N/C) “Low Current” EOS switch.

Data East added a low current EOS switch back into the lower flippers starting with 1993 Jurassic Park. (have seen some early models without)

For Jurassic Park, Last Action Hero, TFTC, & Tommy, the switch part was numbered 180-5124-00,  and I believe it had a straight long blade. Manuals show no bend, but, many are incorrect.

On Data East titles Guns N Roses, Royal Rumble,  Sega titles, Maverick, Frankenstein, and Baywatch the switch part number became 180-5124-01, and the long blade shows a bend.

With the 4 earlier pins list above, if you find it necessary, the degree of the bend can be adjusted, if required.

The EOS switch is used to tell the computer when the flipper has pulled in all the way, which in turn then controls the current/power to the flipper coils.

As I understand it, this was added back into the fliptronic system, as Data East noticed that in multiball a flipper in hold position (ball trapped) could be hit by a fast ball in play, and knocked out of hold, but with a opened switch signal, the hold would stay engaged. If others have info on this theory, please advise!

This is only used on lower left / right flippers!

Data East: 180-5124-01, replaces 180-5124-00

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