Tee T-Nut 3-Prong 8/32 Playfield Machine Screw Post Receiver Retainer 1/2″ Base-Case Lot

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This case lot is for the smaller of the 2 shown in the photos.

8/32 thread T-Nut is the second most common size found on playfields.

It is used to anchor the heaver (thicker) playfield machine screw posts. (See Photo Galley)

Usually Gottlieb used a heavier post calling for the 8/32, and later models of DE / Sega / Stern.

Always handy to have some of this size, and the 6/32 stocked when your doing a playfield rebuild; as many will strip out of the wood when you are removing the machine screw.

Mandatory to have if your doing a playfield swap.

Case lots (100) of this 8/32 is offered in 1/2″ base width only.

Older late 1970’s to mid 1980’s games with less toys on the playfield, usually have the room to accept the wider base, once you are into newer pins, best to go with the narrower base.

In a separate listing, I offer these by the each.

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Weight.17 kg
Dimensions9 × 5.5 × 2 cm


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