LED Williams 6-Digit Player Score Display Set Wolffpac System 3, 4 & 6

$309.98 CAD


Are you restoring an early solid state Williams pinball?

Are your Player & Ball in play/match Displays burnt, gassed out, missing digits, or just missing?

Wolffpac has designed a wonderful replacement product, now in stock.

These are sold pre built, tested, in complete sets of 5 pieces only.

This display set will replace the plasma displays used on Williams System 3, System 4 or System 6 pinball machines from 1977 to 1980.

This kit replaces all 5 displays used on these machines; and makes use of the existing cables.

They come with the adhesive foam pad to protect the glass, which you can apply once installed.

Remember to remove your high voltage fuse from the power supply, as it’s no longer required!

Photos were taken with protective coating still applied to the segments, remove it once they are installed.

Note, this display cannot be mixed with the original displays and must replaced as a set.

This set fits the following Williams pins:

System 3
Hot Tip 11-1977
Lucky Seven 03-1978
World Cup 05-1978
Contact 05-1978
Disco Fever 08-1978

System 4
Pokerino 10-1978
Phoenix 11-1978
Flash 01-1979
Stellar Wars 03-1979

System 6

Tri Zone 07-1979
Time Warp 09-1979
Gorgar 12-1979
Laser Ball 12-1979
Firepower 02-1980
Blackout 06-1980
Scorpion 07-1980

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Blue, Original Orange, Red


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