Williams Bally 1992-93 Early Fliptronic Flipper Rebuild Kit

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This kit will fit Williams from 1992 Getaway up to and including 1993 Indiana Jones.

Pins covered:  Getaway, Fish Tales, White Water, Dracula, & Indiana Jones.

This kit will fit Bally from 1992 Addams Family up to and including 1993 Twilight Zone.

Pins covered: Addams Family, Black Rose, Doctor Who, Creature, & Twilight Zone.


This is early Fliptronic. Changes are as follows. The tapered plunger return spring was removed, and a remote mounted return spring was added. The pawl/crank plunger assembly remained the same, (w/tapered link) but part 01-9376 (Spring Mount Arm) was added, thereby changing the assembly number from B-10655-L/R to B-13882-L/R; but link remains tapered, and coil stop in used remains A-12111.

With the Fliptronic system the high voltage EOS switch is no longer needed, so it was dropped and a standard low voltage, normally open switch was added. (SW-1A-194) There is a typo in a few manuals listing this switch as a sw-1a-193.  Due to this change, the 2.2uf suppression capacitor was also dropped.

Flippers during this time period always used a tapered plunger link; this should always be paired with the A-12111 coil stop for proper flipper rotation!

When rebuilding the flippers don’t forget about the flipper bats, if they are older, or flipper strength is weak, they most likely have internal cross bracing cracks, which you cannot see until they are removed. Part numbers can be found under the optional list.

Likewise you may want to change the cabinet flipper activation switches, as they are often overlooked, and worn out.

The kit’s part numbers will be listed below. You can then choose to order the kit, or, record part numbers you require and, order individual parts.

The last 2 photos show optional parts!




1) B-13882L (left) or B-13882R (right) Pawl/Crank-plunger & link component. consisting of the following components: a) A-17050R or A-17050L Pawl.  b) 02-4219 Plunger. c) 03-8050-1 Link. d) 02-4179 Link Bushing.   e) 01-9376 Spring Mount

2) SW-1A-194 EOS switch 1-1/2″ (some manuals have a typo, ending in 193)

3) A-12111 Coil Stop (mounting screws included)

4) 03-7568 Nylon flipper shaft bushing. (mounting screws included)

5) 23-6577 Rubber bumper plug/stop.

6) 10-364 Remote mount plunger return spring.

7) 03-7066-5 Coil Sleeve 2-3/16″



1) 20-9250 Flipper bat/shaft white or yellow.

2) B-13104-L or B-13104-R Flipper base plate.

3) 01-9375 Switch mount bracket.

4) 01-7695 Forward solenoid bracket.

5) SW-10A-48 Cabinet Flipper Switch.


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