Williams Pinkish / Red “L-BASE” Drop Target-Used

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Williams (1976-1980) used replacement drop target.

This is the “L-BASE” target, examine the photos to see what I mean.

Williams drop target assemblies varied as to what drop target was fitted.

These also support the screw in “contact wiper blades” (which are offered on this site)

So, please examine your assembly and make sure these will work.(see product gallery photos)

Note: All of these, without exception, have some white streaking / discoloration. I believe it’s due to the manufacturing process, as I know others with these still in stock, and they show the same.

They are 4-7/8″ long, 1″ wide, 1/8′ thick.

The L-Base is 1/4″ wide.

03-7478-4 Replaces 03-7478-4-5-1

Additional information

Weight.03 kg
Dimensions12 × 2.2 × 1 cm


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