Posted: January 12, 2023

This project is progressing well.

The main cabinet body is full repainted, and clear coated.

All metal has been sandblasted, and powder coated.

The main cabinet has been repopulated, with a cleaned, and re-tightened wiring harness.

The AS-2518-54 power rectifier board has been rebuilt, and just a note for anyone having to rebuild one of these (easy to do) the connectors are “AMP” brand, not Molex!

J5 is usually crispy, and needs changing, issue here is locating the direct solder in through hole 9-pin female receiver. Over the years I have always clipped off and saved plugs from trashed machined, so I had the plug, but……Well in the photos you will see how it was adapted to fit, and I hope this helps someone else out in the future!

As usual I removed the two soldered in “square can” bridge rectifiers, and remote mounted them on the panel; this will allow for a very easy change out, should one fail in the future.

There are two other 4-open diode array bridge rectifiers on this board, they have been left as is.

The playfield side rails were repainted with the cabinet ivory color, which will brighten up the entire playfield; 5 coats of acrylic enamel clear were added to protect the paint from ball hits.

All the solenoid assemblies have been cleaned and rebuilt.

Still working on the pop bumpers, as I’m attempting to modify the split pop system found on this generation of Bally over to the blue DE one piece bracket.

Naturally, all drop target assemblies have received new targets. If you wish to keep the target face looking new, and not loose the ink, or foil image from ball hits, first clear coat them with Acrylic Enamel.

Do 4-5 lite mist passes, with 5-10 minute intervals, for tack-up, then a final heavy pass.

The cabinet head is now in the paint booth, and Ivory base coat is completed; tape off and stenciling will start today.

Hi Devron, I picked up the Buckaroo yesterday at the airport and got it put together this evening. It made it through the trip in great shape, thanks to your great crating job! Nothing was able to shift or get loose and you did a fantastic packing job! The machine looks and plays great! The new backglass arrived last week so I have to put it in to make it look even better. I'm real happy with the machine, and thank you for your very accurate description. Thanks, again, for everything and maybe we'll have the chance to do business again in the future.
If you want to buy a pinball machine without the fear of inheriting someone else's problem – buy from Devron. He is meticulous in his restoration of machines and will never let anything go out the door unless it is 100%. I have seen the results of his work on many occasions and I am always amazed at the quality, and attention to detail. Many people and businesses claim that they have "shopped" their machines, but with Devron it’s the absolute truth. He goes through machines top to bottom, inside and out. I have plans to buy a couple more machines over the next few years, and I guarantee they will be from Devron. I just know that it will be done right.
I have been completely impressed with the professionalism, knowledge, and honest dedication to customer support that Devron Gibbon of Absolute Pinball has shown me.  His enthusiasm and respect for the art of pinball is readily evident in the quality and thoroughness of his restoration work.  Devron's willingness to answer questions and to assist a 'new to me' pinball machine has been remarkable - he honestly cares about his customers.

Thank you...thank you...thank you for the Galaxy pinball machine!!!! A couple of friends of mine set it up this past weekend and it's fantastic!!! Whoever packed it for shipment did an outstanding job!! We are having the best time playing it. In fact the first night it was set up, I couldn't sleep so I went downstairs at 2:00am and played a bunch of games.
I contacted Devron to service and repair my 1977 STARS pinball machine, Devron was easy to contact and was waiting when I arrived. He is very knowledgeable and completed all the repairs he was asked to. Devron contacted me prior to making any extra repairs we didn't originally agree on, until he started to work on the machine and determine what was needed. The machine has been used every week since the last year and works excellent. Devron has a true passion for his work and I found the rates reasonable.