Sleeve Chime Kickback Upkicker Coil 1-7/8″ with 1/8″ Flange

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Here is a flanged coil sleeve that is used on many VUK’s, and kickback assemblies.

Also found on Chime & Bell units.

Overall length is 1-7/8″.

Length from inside flange to end is 1-5/8″

Flange length is 1/8″

Gottlieb: A-6087 or 21411

Data East / Sega: 545-5076-00 & 545-5076-01

Williams: 03-7067

Note: some shipped may have a bit more length, but will work just the same.

Additional information

Weight.001 kg
Dimensions5 × 1 × 1 cm


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