Bally Midway 9-1/4″ Ms. Pac-Man Tabletop Control Panel Set Powder Coated-New

$199.98 CAD


Here is a set of New control panels for a classic Bally/Midway cocktail Tabletop Arcade game.

Now not all Bally tables have the same control panel, as there was the 9-1/4″ & the 11″ width.

This set is the 9-1/4″ which was the most common on the Ms. Pac-man tables.

I had these manufactured, as I was tired of trying to work with 35-40 year old sets that had already been re-worked 3-4 times; as new kits were installed.

All holes cut with water jets.

Pieces are powder coated with a micro metallic finish.

These measure 9-1/4″ wide , 5-1/4″ on the face, with a 3-3/8″ riser.

Note that the player-1 side has 2-extra smaller 1/2″ holes for the player 1 & 2 start buttons.

I stock the momentary mini “Mode” buttons that fit this hole; found in the Arcade category.

Joysticks, and the A-B-C Micro-switch push buttons are stocked, in various colors too.

Control panels are finished in your choice of Micro Metallic Sky Blue, or Micro Metallic Candy Apple Red.

View the gallery to see photos of the panel with buttons and joystick added.

Additional information

Weight1.30 kg
Dimensions25 × 17 × 10 cm

Micro Metallic Candy Apple Red, Micro Metallic Sky Blue, Semi Gloss Black


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