Data East 1990 Phantom of the Opera to 1992 Rocky & Bullwinkle Flipper Kit

$38.48 CAD


This Data East flipper rebuild kit fits 11 (16) (5 of which never went into production) Fliptronic titles.

Phantom of the Opera, King Kong*, Back to the Future, The Simpsons, Desert Storm*, Checkpoint, TMNT, Star Trek, Batman, Joel Silver*, Michael Jordan*, Aaron Spelling*, Hook, Lethal Weapon 3, Star Wars, Rocky & Bullwinkle. (*denotes titles not produced)

Notes: These titles used the Fliptronic system, and did not use a End of Stroke Switch (EOS). On the last 3 titles in this series ( Lethal Weapon-3, Star Wars, Rocky & Bullwinkle) Data East moved away from having the tapered return spring on the plunger, and moved to the thinner “Remote Mounted” return spring. Use the drop down window on the ordering page to select the spring required for your title.

For proper flipper rotation, this era of Data East should have a tapered plunger link, not oval!

This kit will work for both left, or right side, just flip the “crank ” over. (see photo gallery)

The kit’s part numbers will be listed below. You can then choose to order the kit, or record part numbers you require, and order individual parts.

If you have weak flippers I do suggest that you order new flipper bat/shaft (white or yellow), and change them when you rebuild your flippers. Part numbers can be found under “Optional Parts” list.

One kit rebuilds one flipper. Remember, is will fit left or right!

Last 2 photos show optional parts.


1)  515-5051-00 One crank/plunger/link assembly, consisting of the following: a) A-10656 Plunger & link.  b)  530-5070-02 Crank Arm.  c) 530-5139-00 Metal Link Bushing.

2) 515-5346-00 Coil Stop (mounting hardware included)

3) 545-5070-00 Nylon Flipper Shaft Bushing

4a) 10-376 Tapered Plunger Return Spring. OR….

4b) 265-5029-02 Remote Mounted Return Spring.

5) 03-7066-5 Coil Sleeve 2-3/16″

6) 23-6577 Rubber Bumper Plug/Stop

7) 269-5002-00 Spring Washer



1) 515-5077-01 / 515-5077-02 Left & Right flipper base plate.

2) 515-5133-01 / 515-5133-02 White or Yellow flipper.

Additional information


Tapered (plunger mounted), Thin (remote mounted)


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