Flipper Link Metal Bushing Williams Bally Data East Sega Stern

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Plunger Link bushing (Crank / Pawl end) fits all Data East, Williams / Bally, and Sega.

Measurements .192ID .312OD,  .195Tall

Williams started with Space Shuttle (maybe earlier) to end of production.

Bally Started with Truck Stop (lower flipper only)

Used on all Data East from Laser War to end of production.

Used on all Sega & Stern to present.

BUT NEWER STERN (Starting with SIMPSON’S PARTY) now uses 2 Bushings in the link, one at each end. There never use to be a Bushing at the roll pin / plunger end, and now there is; but it’s smaller than this one.

This bushing is for the crank / bolt end of the link.

Data East 530-5139-00

Williams / Bally: 02-4676 & 02-4179

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Weight.001 kg
Dimensions.05 × .05 × .05 cm


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