Flipper Plunger 2-1/4″ with Oval Link Williams Bally Sega Modern Stern

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2-1/4″ flipper plunger & oval link.

Williams started using this in 1993 on STTNG , and onward.

Bally started using this in 1993 on later Judge Dredd production, and onward.

This is the new style oval link that started being used by Sega in 1995 on “Batman Forever”.

In my opinion, any brand of machine prior to this, the plunger should have the tapered link.

What’s the difference? well this new link can prevent the plunger from fully contacting the coil stop; as it does not pull in as far.

Everything will still work, but under the right conditions, on the hold circuit (flipper up ball trapped) you will here a metal on metal chatter emanating from your flipper assembly.

This is because the plunger shaft is just starting to contact the stop, but cannot quite, as the “non tapered” link prevents it, so it rattles against it, creating the noise.

This link can be tapered with a Dremel, or a file, if need arises.

Note: Link color may vary, roll pin length may vary.

Williams / Bally: A-15847

Sega / New Stern: 515-6304-01, 515-6304-02, 515-6304-03. (plunger:530-5349-01)(link:545-5611-00)(plus, roll pin)

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